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Information for Landlords | Coxford Lettings

Information for Landlords

If you currently own or intend to purchase residential property for rental in Southampton, you should consider engaging our property management service, which you will find both professional and cost-effective.

As specialists, we know how to manage property for optimum performance, whilst ensuring smooth running tenancies, and compliance with the various landlord/tenant laws.

Maximise the return on your investment

We do not charge VAT and our fees are low – 6% for our Standard Management Service and 10% for Rent Protection Management Service, which includes Rent Protection insurance.

If you manage your own property, we do tenant finding only from £95.

Contact us now on 023 8001 0434, or click on any of the following links for more information.



Register Your Property

Standard Management Service

Rent Protection Management Service

Tenant Find Only

Guidelines for Landlords

Health and Safety

Property Preparation


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